No, due to the slightly larger magazines and magwell area the Mini 30 is not compatible with the Mini 14 Chassis.

The Troy M14 MCS will work with all Springfield M1A rifles except ones that feature a rear lugged receiver. The Troy M14 BattleRail however will work with all models including ones that feature a rear lugged receiver.

No, the Troy M14 MCS is manufactured to work only with the M14/M1A rifles made by the U.S. Military, Springfield, Norinco and others.

The Troy MCS is approximately 1.36 lbs heavier than the stock M1A/M14 rifle.

Troy uses the standard AR-15 barrel thread pitch 1/2×28 TPI for all 5.56 muzzle brakes and flash hiders. Troy also uses 5/8×24 TPI for all 6.8 and 7.62 calibers.

No, currently Troy does not produce a .308 handguard that is compatible with the RRA .308 platform. RRA uses a different thread pitch and length on their receivers that greatly differs from the Armalite and DPMS rifle systems.

No, both the Chassis and BattleRail will usurp both sight areas on you factory rifle and will not allow you to retain their use.

Yes, Troy BUIS will co-witness with many models of Eo-Tech optical sights such as:

1. 511

2. 512

3. 551

4. 552

5. XPS

Troy BUIS will also co-witness in the lower third of the optic with these models:

1. 553

2. 557

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